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Golden Abundance : Hand hammered and crafted, 14k Gold ring " Size 7"

by Ana Noyce : $750.00


    The process of making this ring was an amazing  experience for me.  I first took 14k gold that was melted by torch and poured it into a nugget mold.  Then I took the nugget to a rolling mill where I pressed it down and fired it again with the torch to repeat the process all over again until it was big enough to saw out the pattern of the ring.  After the pattern was cut I hammered it into shape and then began fabricating it into my ring design.

   I find that working with gold or metals is an enriching experience.  Melting the metal to its liquid form and watching the red hot glow pour into the mold always seems to dazzle the eyes.  There it sits as air cools and is transformed to a more solid state after being quenched by water.  It is there that I began examining my own life and all the different life experiences I have been through on my life journey.  How many times do we as beings on this earth transform our lives and experiences as we learn and grow to know ourselves and our relationships with people and our Creator.

  I have discovered in myself when I am creating a piece of jewelry that a lot of love and care goes into it.  I find myself praying over each step when making jewelry and the wearer so that they will enjoy it and it will be a Blessing in their life.  

    Just a side note:  The color gold is considered  to symbolize Leadership, abundance, achievement and success.  It is also said that gold represents a healing of love though trust.  Meaning that when you trust you surrender to love.