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Moon Phase Crescent 19" : Crystal Glass and moonstone beads with silver

by Ana Noyce : $110.00

To be honest I never gave much thought about the moon except for my Mom reminding me to be careful when I was out driving because it was a full moon and people were not themselves.  It really wasn't until a friend and I were talking that she suggested that I should track my moods of creativity with the moon phases.

I started to keep a journal of my burst of ideas by charting it with the moon cycles.  Amazingly,  there seemed to be a pattern that I could track.  Today I use it to help me when I seem to be at a loss of being creative.  I also know by doing this  I seem to be more in tune to what is happening inside of me.

This little necklace is a tribute to the phases of the moon and pink is the color of love and inspiration.