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Reflection 17" : Stirling Silver cast pendent with red Amber and white Pearls.

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One of the most beautiful things that I ever saw was when we were visiting my Mom in Taos, NM for Thanksgiving and we had just finished eating so everyone was just enjoying sitting around relaxing.  It was then that my husband decided to steal a moment with me and drive me out to the gorge to look out over the canyon as the sun was setting.  It was a beautiful night and had decided to snow covering the ground which only added to the magic of the evening.  

 The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge was just a few miles from the house so we were not planning to be gone long.  I remember the beautiful drive as the new snow made everything look like a fairy land.  Once we got there and parked people with the same idea were just starting to leave.

   As we walked out by the bridge to get to the middle to see the beautiful canyon below with the river running though it.  I noticed on the right of the Taos mountain was the moon and when I turned around to look on the other side of the bridge was the sun starting to set.  The colors of the canyon of red, brown, gold and blue with dark shadows were off set with the white snow.  The mountains were an incredible blue as the moon was coming out.  The sunset on the other side spread out over the desert spilling it's pinks, orange, reds and purples on the sky and there we were standing in the middle of something so beautiful on that little bridge in Awe of what an amazing world God had created.

So where ever I am in the world and I want to go to a special place in my memories I often visit that bridge and that beautiful night that I shared with my husband where the sun and the moon and the desert and the mountains meet on that little bridge in Taos.