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Serenity Cross : Glass Dichroic Cross & Fine Silver Design 16"

by Ana Noyce : $110.00

   This little cross is one of the first three crosses I ever made.  I made two for a friend of mine and gave them away as a gift.  I was so excited about how they turned out that I kept one.   I was told a few years ago when I learning how to work with the silver that I couldn't make the crosses because the fine silver and glass heats up at different temps and it would not work.  That was all I needed, I was inspired by my friend who was in the church and I knew that I could make the crosses.  

  It took me a year to finish being certified and I worked on the heat temps with my Kiln. I learned a lot of ways of how not to make a silver and glass cross but I loved to be challenged and it was for my new friend.   If you know me you know that I like numbers and the number three is one of my favorite. I made three and they were a success!  I had  done it and the funny thing is now I see the glass and silver all the time in the Dichroic Art.  

  It was a few years later that I tried it again and made three more and two are shown on this website now.  I like the silver and glass crosses because they have great symbolic meaning to me.  The color pink is the color for love and the color purple is the color of connecting to the highest source in the Heavens.  The silver represents how we cling to our crosses in life and how each of our paths are different.  Serenity is symbolic of how we often run from what the Heavens have called us for to do on this earth and it is when we give in surrender that our lives change and our paths began not to hold us back but allow us to grow Spirituality and we are once again connected to the Heavens.