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Spirit Being : Set of Cognac pearls with Fine Silver pendent and SS earing setas

by Ana Noyce : $250.00

As I  travel I have had the pleasure of being exposed to many of the stories that are in other cultures. Our little family was invited to go to Tuscany this summer where we were able to explore our sourroundings. and made the discovery that the Etruscans had spirit beings that sounded a little like the like the thunder beings that I grew up around the camp fire with my Dad.  

I was intrigued with the idea and when we returned I wanted to create my own version of these wonderful beings. These spirit beings reminded me a little of the myths of the Greeks and Romans.  I remember taking an Anthropology class in college and was taught that, "one man's superstition is another man's religion."  I learned in the class that I was to explore others and their surroundings without passing judgment on their beliefs therefore understanding we are all connected as human beings.

I think these little beings remind us that no matter who we are, we are all the same when it comes to being here on this earth.   I used the cognac pearls to remind us that we share the earth together as a species.