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The Shell of Transformation : Emeralds with Stirling silver shell pendent /green meteorite wrapped in gold fill wire

by Ana Noyce : $300.00

   This is a very inspiring piece with lots of character.  Let's start with the shell pendant.  When I was designing this particular piece I was thinking of how people change and transform themselves as they grow spiritually.  Jewelry to me is not just an accessory but a statement of the person wearing it.  I believe that when we wear something on our bodies we are showing the outer world a little peak of who we are inside.  

    The pendent as made by a process called Hammering and Chasing.  This is where the pattern is raised by hitting tools on the silver which is embedded in pitch to form the shell.  When metal is hit for a while it's whole chemical structure is changed and the metal becomes very brittle.  If you continue to hit it the metal will break.  That means the piece needs to be heated up with a torch to make the metal more malleable to form.This process is called annealing. Once the shell is made then adding the wire and meteorite to the pendent is the next step. Then it is strung on a strand of emeralds creating the whole design.

   Real transformation comes from within. The idea of stepping aside from yourself and starting a journey of renewal is only the beginning.  Learning to look at the world with a prospective of healing and grace transforms a person and changes the world which they will walk.  If you see through the eyes of grace you offer forgiveness and when you offer forgiveness you heal inside. 

  I used emeralds because they symbolize love. The deep rich green represents healing and balance.  It is the color of nature and sanctuary.  The shell is the symbol which holds the power of transformation. Gold wire holds the metorite  called molderite, a glass that comes from the heavens also known for helping the person who wears it to move into change.  The gold representing enlightenment.  Silver in this piece is the symbol of flowing, reflecting and Revealing. Together all of the colors and symbols create a powerful symbol of change and transformation.