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The Venetian 17" : Silver pendent and Black Pearls with silver beads

by Ana Noyce : $160.00

   This is a fun piece that I feel truly captures the spirit of walking the streets of Venice.   We spent a few weeks in Venice and had the best time walking around the little maze of streets.  There are wonderful little shops in every corner and my favorite were the beautiful mask for Carnival.  There were so many to choose from in so many styles and colors.   

    Being in Venice is more than little stop on the map it is an experience.  The fine silver piece is a little design of a mask that if I were there for their celebration I would be more than happy to create for myself.  They seemed to spare no creativity in making the masks.  All of them so different and beautiful as they hung in the little shops all over the city.  

   I decided to use black pearls to string this little beauty, for who in the world can resist the beauty of a pearl. As for the color of black was to symbolize the time in which Carnival is mostly at the hight of the celebration.  Black is the mystery of the whole experience yet the pearl is a symbol of the sea and which is known for the goddess Venus.  Now which one of us ladies would love to be dressed for a party and be as the beautiful Venus?

    The Venetian, a celebration of life, love and beauty of all women and who we are on that night or any night.